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Not worth the money it cost
03 February 2016
Reviewer: Domm from USA

120 of 226 people found this review helpful

You spend 40 bucks a month only to be asked for more money everyday. the women on the site have no interest in being in a relationship or neither are they looking for love they are looking for money. my opinion the the site is a scam. these women are imprisoned in this country and they are unable to leave so if you did find one that was actually looking for love the only way you can be with her is to pay for all of her needs or move to her country there are no successful love stories that I have ever heard of or read about. Filipino Cupid does not intervene if a match is found you are on your own they do not assist the women but there are extremely concerned about these women finding love (sarcasm). there are only taking your money. I would not recommend this site to anyone. I am still a member only because I cannot delete it but I am no longer a paid member if the price was not so high I would go on maybe just for fun but there is no love in that site these women are only... (Read the full review)

In summary, I would not recommend Filipino Cupid to a friend.

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Scams and gold diggers...
14 June 2015
Reviewer: William from Annapolis MD, USA

145 of 261 people found this review helpful

While the site itself is a nice experience, the people on the site are not. This site is full of gold diggers and scams. In fact. out of the 236 new emails I received as a member (3 months), 143 of them were from scams and fakes. The site has absolutely NO safeguards to weed-out the scams and frauds. It allows anyone to join and immediately start sending emails. This in itself is a problem as it takes no effort for a scammer to create an account, post a few fake pictures (usually stolen from other sites) and start emailing, sending the intended target other means of contact, such as a skype id or email address. If they are discovered and deleted, they just create a new account and do it again. So many time I have seen pictures of the same person on accounts with different names. You are better off finding a site that requires all members to pay in order to send emails or a site that, at least, requires positive identification (or verification) to send and receive emails. The frauds won't bother with these sites as they will refuse to send a picture of an ID card or passport.

In summary, I would not recommend Filipino Cupid to a friend.

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The hotter they look, the more likely to be a scammer
23 September 2014
Reviewer: Americanstud from Houston, TX, USA

131 of 257 people found this review helpful

I spent most of Sunday on this site. I had, in one day, TEN scammers try to scam me. It is partially my fault, I want a hot looking female. And some of the hot ones are genuine. But, you have to know that the hotter they are the more likely to be fake.

They will want to chat with you on Skype or YM. That is a pretty big tip off. But, if you want to try it, then make sure you set up a YM and Skype account with a fake name and no personal identification.

Do not give any of them Facebook or any significant social or email. Here is a funny story. I should have known better, but, I did it. But, it doesn't matter. One of them was really hot and had me on Skype. And she insisted we strip on camera for each other. I was hesitant, but, she was hot and I gave in. And she did strip down. The we started to play with ourselves.

Then she cut the camera, and demanded ransom or she would post the video to Facebook and YouTube. LOL. She... (Read the full review)

In summary, I would recommend Filipino Cupid to a friend.

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A fool and his money will soon be parted...
06 March 2014
Reviewer: Jonathan from Denmark

157 of 290 people found this review helpful

Probably there is not other Filipino dating site more worthy of your Money... As long as you are aware of the the game. This site contains 50% genuine women, and 50% cam and scam girls. If you are genuine looking for a life partner, then be aware of the early signs... The sign is they will ask for money in general or give you a hint they want you help them financial. They will ask for money for food, for hire private room hotel for chat, or for internet at home so you can talk more privately. Well she will forgot to tell you she will talk more private with all other admires, and be sure she will have no shortage of them. And pics of beauties that could be models, well they usually are nicked model pics. And they will try make you belive it´s really they by sending pic of their passport. Take some time to study their ID or passport and look on internet for filipino passport and you will see that water stamps usually missing, or pic look to sharp like it been photoshop. And for those of you who think you are smart and... (Read the full review)

In summary, I would recommend Filipino Cupid to a friend.

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